30th Anniversary – 04.04.1991/04.04.2021 „DR. DESTINY“

„Dr. Destiny“ / Original Version 1991 (5:04) Words & Music: S. Marx.

Performed, recorded and mixed by Sebastian Marx. Digital remastered in 2014. From the full Doubledemoalbum 1991:„THE COLOURS OF RAINBOW“

„Dr. Destiny“ / The Seductive Mayhem – Version (3:30). Words & Music: S. Marx.
From the upcoming full Debut-Album „The Seductive Mayhem“.

Drums: Stefan Dittmar. Bass & Backroundvocals: Marcus Kiniger. Guitar & Vocals: Sebastian Marx. Recorded and mixed by The Seductive Mayhem in February/March 2021.

„Dr. Destiny“ / Fuzzy Dice – Version (3:26) Words & Music: S. Marx.

Drums: Roland Soggia. Bass & Backroundvocals: Stephan Gotthardt. Leadvocals: Sven Hessmann. Guitar & Backroundvocals: Sebastian Marx. Recorded and mixed by Lutz Vogelsang in Winter 1996/1997. Digital mastered by Lars Koester in 2019.

„Dr. Destiny“ / Lemon Crush – Version (3:01) Words & Music: S. Marx.

Drums: Christian John. Leadguitar: Christian Urban. Bass & Backroundvocals: Jesko Gielnek. Vocals and Rythemguitar: Sebastian Marx. Music recorded by Andy Jacobs on 4-Trackequipment at the Kreuzbrook in April 1991. Vocals recorded and mixed by Jesko Gielnek and Sebastian Marx in April 1991.

VIDEO „Dr. Destiny“ as performed by „Fuzzy Dice“ in 1996: